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8ZED Modified Sine Wave Inverters, Pure Sine Wave Inverters and UPS Pure Sine Wave Inverters offer the best value and performance as a result of extensive Research & Development. The 8ZED Power Inverter range, available from and selected resellers are fitted with additional heavy duty components. Eg: All 8ZED power inverters are fitted with a double isolating switch between the AC and DC power. An important saftey feature, removing potential for dangerous voltage level malfunctions and for greater component durability, making 8ZED power inverters the choice for the mining industry.

8ZED power inverters offer the best value built specifically for the tough Australian climate conditions. 8ZED have developed components to better handle the Australian extremes of a hot and dry climate and high humidity.

8ZED Power Inverters extensive testing includes electromagnetic compatibility tests, load tests and duration tests. Following this extensive testing process, all 8ZED Power Inverters have proven to conform to the European (CE) and Australian Standards (C-Tick).

8ZED Power Inverters are supplied with Australian 1 year Warranty, parts and service from the 8ZED Australian sales and service centre at Richmond SA.

8ZED conducting quality assurance Testing

Andrew at 8ZED testing an inverter8ZED Testing Station

8ZED Factory Direct Buyer Benefits:

Compare & Save on Power Inverters

  1. 8ZED is privately Australian owned by WallCann's Wallace and Canning families.
  2. NO wholesale cost overhead, factory direct so the RRP price is reduced and you will really save.
  3. Modern production facilities and QA procedures ensure 8ZED top performance with exhaustive quality testing.
  4. 8ZED built for the tough Australian conditions to Australian design specifications with high performance components.
  5. Proven reliability and performance and an Australian service centre 1 year guarantee.
  6. Performanceshop slash prices so you will save on all top Australian brand names.

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