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Projecta Automatic 12V, 900mA, 2 Stage Battery Charger $45.00
Projecta Automatic 12V, 1600mA, 2 Stage Battery Charger $65.00
Projecta Automatic 6/12V, 2700mA, 2Stage Battery Charger $74.95
Projecta Automatic 12V, 4300mA, 2 Stage Battery Charger $84.95
Projecta Battery Charger - Automatic 24V, 3500mA, 2 Stage $169.95
Projecta - Workshop 6/12/24V 21,000mA Battery Charger Manual and Automatic $550.00
Projecta - 12V, 16A. 6 Stage Switchmode Automatic Battery Charger $250.00


CTEK MXS 5.0 12V Battery Charger $132.00
CTEK XS 0.8 12V Battery Charger $99.00
CTEK MXT 14 24V Battery Charger $449.99

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Pick up available. If you prefer you can visit our warehouse in Richmond, 5 minutes from Adelaide CBD and pick-up direct from our store. 


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