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8ZED™ Circuit Breaker Rotary Dual Bank Battery Isolator

8ZED™ Circuit Breaker

The 8ZED Circuit Breakers are designed for harsh environments with an IP67 rating. This means it's weatherproof and waterproof. Making them viable for domestic and commercial use on land and out at sea.

Giving peace of mind by preventing damage to both appliance and battery in the event of a short circuit situation. Breaking the circuit reduces risk of fire and shock hazards in the event of an accident.

The test button also lets you use this device as a isolator switch to prevent battery drain from accessories such as inverters, when your vehicle, caravan or boat is in storage during the off season

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Rotary Dual Bank Battery Isolator Switch

Four way rotary battery bank selector. Switch selections are, bank 1, bank 2, bank 1 & 2, OFF.

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