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Power Inverter - Brands compares leading Australian brand Power Inverters and provides expert service, reliable Australian certified product compliance and warranty support. is part of WallCann’s Retail business established in 2002. We constantly work at being Australia’s best place to compare and buy top brand Power Inverters. offer more than just one brand, we compare the best available options. So drive your dollar further, by giving you the best solution for your application. staff will not offer a below standard power inverter that could leave you stranded when it fails. Cheap power inverters are often made with cheap components and poor manufacturing standards. All power inverters must meet our exacting testing before we will stock them. has identified the top brands and for ease of selection we list them in 3 categories:

Modified Sine Power Inverter

Pure Sine Power Inverter

Pure Sine Power Inverters UPS Special Edition (SE) has created simple to use power inverter price comparison chart, performance selection calculators and FAQ's so you can select and buy the right power inverter to meet your needs. If in doubt please contact our Australian technical sales services via the online live chat, email or call 1300 799 455

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