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Projecta Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters are built to Australian regulations carrying the C-Tick labelling. Projecta Modified Power Inverters have a 1 year replacement warranty. They are a fantastic and economical way to provide mobile power anywhere for basic mains or USB appliances, ideal for every day mobile power conversion uses.

Projecta Pure Sine Wave (PSW) Power Inverters provide clean sine wave power conversion important to maintaining the life and ensuring efficient performance of expensive tools and appliances. PSW Power Inverters are recommended where sensitive equipment needs a closely replicated mains quality power. PSW Power Inverters are generally more energy efficient than MSW Power Inverters providing lower running costs.

Projecta™ Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

Projecta Modified Sine Wave Inverters
Projecta™ Modified Sine Wave 
Power Inverter
300W 12V Modified Sine Inverter
600W 12V Modified Sine Inverter
1000W 12V Modified Sine Inverter
2000W 12V Modified Sine Inverter


Projecta™ Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Projecta Modified Sine Wave Inverters
Projecta Intelli-Wave, 
Power Inverter
300W 12V Pure Sine Inverter
600W 12V Pure Sine Inverter
1000W 12V or 24V Pure Sine Inverter
2000W 12V Pure Sine Inverter

Projecta Intelli-Wave inverters deliver class-leading performance, power efficiency and reliability making them the choice of professionals. Engineered to produce ultra clean power, Intelli-Wave inverters feature exceptional peak power performance (200% capacity for 3 secs, 140% capacity for 3 mins) allowing them to effortlessly run demanding appliances such as fridges and power tools. All Projecta inverters are fully isolated and designed in accordance with Australian standards for safety and peace of mind.

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