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Performance Shop 8ZED, & Projecta Pure Sine Wave (PSW) range of Power Inverters provide "clean" power conversion important to extend the life and improve the performance for expensive tools and appliances. PSW power inverters are recommended where sensitive equipment needs a closely replicated mains quality power.

Pure Sine Wave power inverters are a great way to provide mains quality mobile power from your car, boat, truck, 4WD or caravan for a huge range of appliances and tools, including scientific equipment, PC accessories, mobile phones and game consoles.

Performance Shop sell 8ZED and Projecta PSW power inverters that are built to the highest quality standards and they carry the required C-Tick labelling to indicate compliance with Australian regulations. 8ZED Power Inverters have a 1 year replacement warranty and Projecta and GSL Power Inverters have a 2 year replacement warranty.

When you buy from Performance Shop online you buy direct and save. Eliminate the high cost associated with multiple warehouse over heads. In addition to big savings you still get top quality back up service and advice from the Australian based Performance Shop Customer Service and Technical Teams.

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The following, are some of the appliances that are likely to require a Pure Sine Wave Inverter to replicate mains quality power to function correctly:

  • Phone Chargers
  • PC & Mac Laptops
  • Small Power Tools
  • Sound & AV Equipment
  • Fluorescent Lighting (Restrictions may apply, please refer to ourĀ FAQ for more information)
  • Hair Dryers & Straighteners
  • Fans
  • DVD Players
  • Televisions

The quiet running, robust and reliable DC to AC, 8ZED & Projecta Power Inverter Range connects standard Australian 3 pin electrical devices providing 240VAC (Mains “Equivalent” Power) from either a 12 or 24 Volt Power Source.

PSW Power Inverters can be used anywhere you can take your vehicle. These nicely compact units are suitable for storing in your vehicle or around the house. Ideal for people on the move, trades people who require a mobile service vehicle or are involved in outdoor work.

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