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Power Inverter - Guide to Calculate and Select

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Power / Current / Voltage Calculator

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8Zed Power Anywhere! Power Inverter Application Chart

Easy way to find the right power inverter that suits your needs. To get more information on the power inverters, click on the column corresponding to the power inverter you want.

For more information watch our video explaining the different uses of an inverter.

Please read our Inverter FAQ's if you have any questions regarding our 8ZED Inverters.Find information about what power inverters are, how to connect and use them and troubleshooting questions.

Power Inverter Application Chart 150W Inverter 300W Power Inverter 600W Power Inverter 1000W Power Inverter 1500W Power Inverter 2000W Inverter 2500W Power Inverter 3000W Power Inverter 3000W Power Inverter

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To Select the right inverter that has enough power for your application, add the watts for the items you may want to run at the same time. Use the total wattage, then add 10% to 20%, as your minimum power requirement.

Note: The wattages given above are only estimates. The actual wattage required for your appliances may differ from those listed. Check the nameplate on the appliance to determine the actual wattage required.

DC Amps is an estimate of the DC current draw from a 12V battery for that particular appliance. For 24V Inverters, the DC Amps from a 24V battery will be approximately half what is listed in the table.

* Appliances and tools with induction motors (marked * in tables) may require from 3 to 7 times the listed wattage when starting. The start-up load of the appliance or tool determines whether an inverter has the capability to power it. Be sure to check the specific wattage requirements and operating instructions for appliances / tools to be used.

To aid in working out your appliance's power, you can use the following CONVERSION FORMULA: Watts รท 220 = Amps ........ Amps x 220 = Watts)


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